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Asha Sachdev as Sheela lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widower dad Ghanshyamdas played by Chandrashekhar. One day, she interviews Mahesh played by Satish Kaul. Mahesh manages to impress her and both fall in love with each other. Ghanshyamdas approves of this marriage. One day Police arrests Mahesh for allegedly possessing a briefcase containing 40 lakh Rupees. Sheela rushes over to the Police Station to provide for bail, but only to find out that Mahesh has managed to escape. How Mahesh came to be in possession of so much cash? Why did he escape? To get answers to all these questions watch this movie.
new movie 2012 hd Video Rating: 5 / 5

Street Fighter X Tekken – Poongko | GamerBee | Xian | Ichi★ | RF ‘Ranked Matches’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ Subscribe to this show to keep up to date with all SFxT replays: www.youtube.com 0:00 Poongko (Jin x Hwoarang) vs RarinHosenka (Ogre x King) 2:20 Poongko (Kazuya x Heihachi) vs tomoyupo (Jin x Kazuya) 5:25 Ichi★ (Ken x Law) vs All Color (Kazuya x Ibuki) 7:30 Xian (Raven x Abel) vs RarinHosenka (Ogre x King) 11:25 GamerBee (Julia x Ken) vs RF (Ryu x Rufus) 15:15 Poongko (Hwoarang x Jin) vs ckdduf (Kazuya x Heihachi) 18:08 Poongko (Jin x Kazuya) vs mori45453 (Balrog x Nina) 20:34 RF (Ryu x Rufus) vs mori45453 (Balrog x Nina) 22:53 Poongko (Ogre x Raven) vs imgun80 (Law x Steve) 26:02 Poongko (Ryu x Kazuya) vs GAROU XI (Ryu x Ken) 29:24 Poongko (Kazuya x Heihachi) vs GEYSER (Jin x Kazuya) Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSVita & PC Genre: Fighting Publisher: Capcom Developer/Co-Developer : Capcom / Namco PEGI Rating: RP Release Date: US: Macrh 06, 2012 EU: March 09, 2012
new movie 2012 hd Video Rating: 4 / 5

31gqFx9 0IL. SL75  Harfan MaulaaAAXA P4 P4X Pico Projector, 95 Lumens, Pocket Size, Li-Ion Battery, HDMI, Media Player, 15,000 Hour LED, DLP Projector
AAXA Technologies is excited to announce the release of our P4X Pico projector – the world’s brightest battery-powered projector. …
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