The leading actors of the Harry Potter have shown their devastation as the shooting of the film is coming to an end. The actors were noticed emotional when they were shooting for the seventh and at the same time final Potter movie.

The final episode of the film will show us the future of the three friends, we will be able to see them as parents of middle ages.

It turned out that Harry Potter was not always a favorite role of Radcliffe. He confessed that he would rather cast as the superhero Spider-Man. As a matter of fact, Tobey Maguire got the role of a Spider Man.

According to Radcliffe, he was jealous of Tobey as he had a role of Spider-Man. But despite that the five Potter films managed to outperform three film of Spider-Man.

Although Potter was not the coolest superhero, still it was interesting for Radcliffe to play the role. When he was asked what exactly made him interest in Harry, he said that the character of the film is not perfect. Moreover, he can be a little bit selfish as well as pigheaded. Having such characteristics, Harry can be separated from archetypal superheroes.

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