We choose to go to the moon — not because it is easy, but because it is the last place in the universe that can still rack up a body count.

‘Apollo 18,’ this fall’s creepy new horror film, does for the space race what ‘Blair Witch’ did for the woods. The “found footage”-style mockumentary claims to be the recovered footage of a top secret NASA mission to the moon; what happened on the doomed voyage has never been revealed… until now.

Moviefone has your first look at the new poster to ‘Apollo 18′ after the jump.

‘Apollo 18′ hits theaters on September 2. If you can’t wait til then, play along with the movie’s viral game at the ‘Apollo 18′ site, where you can unlock official documents that purportedly prove there was a real Apollo 18 mission. You’ll need the password to read these confidential files (hint: it’s “surveillance”)

Watch the trailer for ‘Apollo 18′

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