One-time Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has joined Iron Mike Tyson as the latest celeb with a history of trouble who is finding a path back from the brink — thanks to a little help from our fine feathered friends and the Wacky Wonderful of Reality TV!

The Celebrity Rehab alum has signed a deal to shoot an Animal Planet docu-series about her collection of parrots and other exotic birds, network informants confirmed to last week. The show will chronicle how Fleiss abandoned her Black Book and turned her back on the world’s oldest profession to open a refuge of birds instead. While Animal Planet cameras hope to capture Mike teaching prized pigeons the art of fighting, Heidi simply trains her birds to fly freely around her Las Vegas home.

Before animal advocates get their feathers ruffled, it should be noted that Fleiss is a devoted animal lover. She previously fronted her own pet spa and has protested against the purchase of imported birds. Just last year, Heidi showed up at PetSmart Inc.’s Annual Meeting in New York City to implore the chain to stop selling exotic birds.

“Birds are meant to fly, not be caged,” she argued. “They’re extraordinary creatures that are complex, intelligent and require a huge commitment.”

Look for Fleiss’ still-untitled docu-series to take flight sometime in late 2011. However, Heidi will have to rush to renovate her house before the cameras start rolling — the Nevada property was left with more than $20,0000-worth of damage after a raging fire gutted the guest house last month.

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