Katherine Heigl, the actress, has never denied that she has a pretty dirty mouth. But at present the actress is trying to slash the swearing as she and her husband, Josh Kelley, adopted an 18-month-old girl whose name is Naleigh. She is from South Korea.

It turned out that the worst habit of Heigl was smoking, but the actress managed to quit it as her daughter is in a mimic phase, which means that she is able to repeat everything Heigl is saying or doing.

The actress hopes that her daughter will be not interested in a new love of her mom, i.e. ranges as well as rifles.

The actress is having practice lessons for her next movie, known as ‘One for the Money.’  She will play the role of a female bounty hunter. Moreover, being a mother, she intends to choose roles that have a little moral integrity.

As a matter of fact, Heigl adores opportunities as well as stories due to which she is able to play various characters. But she does not want to do anything that is horrible or shocking when it comes to playing a particular role.

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