Taylor Hackford has said that he was comfortable directing sex scene of wife Dame Helen Mirren with a lover around half her age.

“I””ve done a lot of sex scenes in my career and so has my wife,” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

“If it was difficult for anyone, it was difficult for the other actor, Sergio Peris-Mencheta. After all, I””m the director and I””m married to the woman he is making love to.

“But it was my job to make them both feel as comfortable as possible to create the moment. If you intrude too much, it””s a case of: ‘Well, why don””t you take your clothes off and get in the scene instead?” he added.

Set in the hedonistic 1970s, “Love Ranch” is based on the true story of a murderous love triangle at a tacky Nevada brothel.

On the love scene, the veteran British actress said: “I didn””t have to expose too much, but, on every level, I felt I was in safe hands with my husband.”

“Not just that he wouldn””t embarrass me, but also that he would make it realistic and natural,” she added.

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