Space Jam NBA 2K14 mod

It’s the mod absolutely no one was clamoring for – an NBA 2K14 add-on that allows players to re-create the cinematic epic we all know and love: Space Jam.

Back in 1996, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes squad teamed up to face off against some intergalactic basketball aliens with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. Enterprising modder MGX was apparently a fan of the film, and has undertaken the painstaking (seriously, transferring 2D characters into the 3D world of NBA 2K14 was no simple task) job of bringing Space Jam to the world of 21st century video gaming.

With this mod, players can re-create the magic of the film, with the Looney Tunes team squaring off against the monsters in the biggest game the galaxy has ever seen.

The graphical presentation is a little disturbing (I tend to agree with Joystiq, who called the Looney Tunes faces in 3D on human bodies “nightmare fuel”), but this is still a pretty cool achievement in the realm of gaming mods. And yes, there’s a mod to add Bill Murray. Go get this now.

Check out the 11-minute video highlighting the mod below, then swing by the MGX Facebook page for download details and some other mods for the game. 



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