Hey ‘Crunchers, how many of you remember “The Hiccup Girl” Jennifer Mee? The flustered and fluttered teenager was a staple on the morning chat show circuit in 2007 as her inability to stop hiccupping every few moments captivated news gawkers baffled professionals in the medical community. The hiccups stopped at times but always started again and eventually forced her out of school. Mee saw an infectious disease specialist, a neurologist, a chiropractor, a hypnotist and even an acupuncturist in hopes of curing the condition.

Three years later, we’ve good news and bad news on Jenn’s progress. On a bright note, she’s no longer gasping for air between hiccups. The bad news? She’s been slapped with a single charge of first-degree felony murder!

Hiccup Girl Jennifer Mee Murder Hiccup Girl Arrested Hiccup Girl Arrested For Murder

That’s right, Jennifer’s gone from medical miracle to accused killer. Cops in St. Petersberg, Florida say the troubled now 19-year-old — who appeared on The TODAY Show several times back in ’07 — lured Shannon A. Griffin, 22, to the scene of an armed robbery where the man was violently ambushed and killed. Detectives say Laron Redford, 20, and Lamont Newton, 22, robbed Griffin at gunpoint, detectives say. Griffin struggled during the robbery, and was subsequentl shot and killed. All three suspects have confessed to their roles in the crime and are awaiting arraignment.

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