Hilarious Proof That Ben Falcone Has the Perfect Voice for Moviefone (VIDEO)

There are precious few people who have a voice perfect for talking about movies. And, as it turns out, Ben Falcone is one of them. Sort of.

'Tammy' Unscripted - Ben's Mr. Moviefone Audition

During our latest Unscripted for his new movie, “Tammy” (out now), we asked Falcone if he would do his best Mr. Moviefone impression. Now, we didn’t expect him to mimic the voice exactly, but what he did instead proved to be better than what we could have imagined.

If the next Mr. Moviefone needs to be low energy, non-threatening, and completely vague, he’s our guy.

“Tammy” is in theaters now.

tammy movie times tickets

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