INFphoto 960129 500x756 Hilary Duff Pregnant?

There’s another occupied uterus taking up residence in Tinseltown — at least that’s the story Star Magazine is telling.

Hilary Duff warmed our hearts playing plucky middle schooler Lizzie McGuire on Disney’s early-2000s comedy Lizzie McGuire. Now the newlywed is auditioning for a new starring role: Mom.

According to Star snoops, Hilary and her her NHL hockey star hubby Mike Comrie were “ecstatic” to recently learn that Duff, 23, is about seven weeks pregnant with the couple’s first child.

“They weren’t actively trying to conceive but agreed that if it happened, it happened,” a pal (the kind that sells scoops to tabloids) blabs.

Just last week, Hilary confessed that she’s excited to have children with Comrie, but alluded that the couple were likely many years away from a visit from the stork.

Duff, who married Comrie in August last year, spoke to Us Weekly about the possibility of her starting a family.

“Yeah, I think we’re really excited to have kids,” says Hilary, who married Comrie last August after a two courtship. “And he comes from a big family. I’m only 23, so give me a little bit of time. Come on people!”

Duff added that she and Comrie are still enjoying their marriage.

“We just still have this really giddy excitement about each other that’s like, ‘Oh, we got married! Oh my god! You’re my husband and I’m your wife!’”

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