Hugh Hefner is no longer interested in having multiple girlfriends, instead he just wants to stick with new love Crystal Harris.

Hefner, 84, found new love with his current girlfriend Crystal Harris, 23, after his number-one girlfriend Holly Madison left him in the summer of 2008.

“(With Crystal Harris) I have found the relationship that I thought I had found with Holly. In retrospect I do believe in the most recent years, I was without being aware of it, starting to look for a more serious one-on-one relationship,” Hef told Pop Tarts. “And when it did not work out with Holly, I was blessed beyond words to so quickly find someone who really just was waiting. Crystal is very romantic, very sweet.”

He added: “I’m in a serious relationship that I think is going to last—with luck—the rest of my life. Yes, Crystal Harris: a keeper, a very special lady.”

Hefner continued. “I think she’s the real deal and we have many common interests despite the age disparity. We just fit very naturally.”

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