In Chicago on Thursday, during an episode of the “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, the mistress of John Edward reported that she is not in any way responsible for destroying the marriage of the former presidential candidate. The mistress, Rielle Hunter told Winfrey that in her experience a third person can never wrack a home, instead before the arrival of the third party in the picture, the problems tune up.

The host Winfrey once again fueled up her question asking if the lady wrecked his home for which she again denied. Remember the former North Carolina senator who two years ago had confessed his affair with Rielle Hunter, its after that long period the lady has encountered her first televised interview through the Winfrey’s show.

John Edward in January, after denying for a while confessed that he and Hunter had a daughter of 2 years of age. And now he and Elizabeth Edwards, his wife are estranged.

The mistress unveiled her notion of being negatively witnessed by the people since her affair disclosed.

She said in the interview that she met Edward in a hotel and went forward to tell him that he looked hot, and with few frequent phone conversations she fell in love with him.

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