The multi-millionaire husband of Shery Shabani, the Los Angeles jeweler accused of having an affair with sportsman David Beckham, claims he has texts and emails to prove that his wife was secretly sleeping with the soccer ace.

The Shabanis — who are locked in a bitter divorce battle — have two children who attend the same school as the Beckhams’ young sons. Mrs. Shabani, who wants a restraining order, claims her husband has falsely accused her of having an affair with the LA Galaxy midfielder. However, Los Angeles-based lawyer Kambiz Shabani, 43, says he can prove his wife has been lying about

Shery further claims that Beckham told her that her husband tried to run his car off the road outside the school last May. A Beckham family spokesperson, however, denies that Becks made any such admission.

Meanwhile, Victoria seems oblivious to the controversy, insisting to Marie Claire Magazine that her husband is “goddam perfect.”

“Before I became famous I used to think there’s no smoke without fire. But believe me, there can be a fire without smoke,” she told the magazine.

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