IBM has recently designed a liquid-cooled supercomputer called Aquasar using a technique that doubles the space heater and lowers the carbon footprint reducing the energy usage by 40 percent.

This computer analyses the fluid dynamics and offer heat to the building. It incorporates two IBM BladeCenter servers in one rack. An IDM official said, “The main goal of the project is to show that liquid cooled computers are possible.”

It is the IBM-ETH Zurich research project which is designed to show the potential efficiency of processor level liquid cooling that makes use of waste heat from the data centers to heat the buildings.

Aquasar consists of a liquid cooled processor along with small pipelines and some dubbed micro channel coolers. The integrated pipelines enable the coolant to be pumped out from the processor to the building’s under-floor radiant heating system where the exchange of heat takes place heat that removes the heat from water and thus pumping out cool water back to its server.

So if your computer gets heated up fast, then Aquasar from IBM is the accurate solution for you.

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