Back to the Future Transformers art

Thank God for the internet. If not for Al Gore’s greatest invention, we wouldn’t have awesome things like this new digital art series titled If They Could Transform – which takes some of your favorite pop culture vehicles and turns them into Transformers. And you thought the Internet was just for cat memes…

The artwork comes courtesy of artist Darren Rawlings, and features a bevy of classic rides drawn in their original form and then reimagined as Transformers. If you ever wondered what Back to the Future’s DeLorean would look like as a “giant f***ing robot”, well, wonder no more.

Our personal favorite pieces include Knight Rider’s KITT, who makes for an awesome black Transformer with the grill LED on his head, The Ninja Turtles’ Party Wagon (he comes complete with his own Katana…) and The A-Team’s Vandura (the mohawk is a nice touch…).

Those are amongst our personal faves, but all of Rawlings’ concepts are pretty fantastic. Swing by the artists’ blog for more of his work. [via Geekologie]

A-Team Transformers art

Knight Rider Transformers art

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Transformers art

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