India is no way now any less than International brands but, this might not be in the positive sense when it comes to honey and both the countries are seen doing immense harm and violation of norms. This has been made more evident by the statement made by the Food Safety and Standard Authoriy of India on wednesday where they said that the permitted levels of antibiotics in honey in India is equal to that present in International brands.

The statement mentioned that in the matter or admissibility of antibiotics in honey, safety standards in India are equivalent to those found in the European Union, Codex alimentarius ( collection of internationally recognized food safety standards ) and the US – where these are actually prohibited completely.

The Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules 1955, prohibits or limits the use of a certain ratio of sucrose, fructose-glucose. However just last month, the Centre for Science and Environment just threw light on the fact that high levels of antibiotics are present in Indian and Foreign brands of honey as well as inproportionate levels of sucrose, fructose-glucose ratio.

These violation can also lead to health disasters and it might be the right time now to switch over from packaged foods to completely organic ones!

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