Yep, that’s Kelly Osbourne! We wouldn’t have believed it either if Kelly hadn’t Tweeted this photo herself.

“I’m just being Miley,” she captioned the Twitpic.

Kelly, 26, and Miley Cyrus, 18, are co-starring in So Undercover (guess Kelly must be going undercover as Miley?) and the former Osbournes star is quickly becoming like another big sister to the teen tart. This week, Kelly took to her Twitter to refute rumours that wildchild Miley is a bad influence on America’s youth, just two weeks after he former Hannah Montana actress was caught getting high on hallucinogenic herb salvia.

“Miley and I have become really close I’m sick of all the haters judging her she mad(e) one mistake and trust me she has learned her lesson!” Osbourne, 26, Tweeted from the Undercover set in New Orleans Wednesday.

“Miley is one of the most hard working respectful women I have ever worked with I am learning a lot from her!” the English actress/singer/fashionista added.

The National Enquirer, on the other hand, cites insiders who believe drug-prone Miley could be leading Kelly down a slippery slope toward a relapse. Osbourne had been in rehab no less than four times since 2002 before cleaning up her act for good in 2008.

“Kelly’s family and friends are worried sick that Miley is a bad influence and she’ll do something to trigger her pal’s relapse…Kelly is being cautious about how far she’ll let Miley tempt her.”

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