Caught with his pants down?

Is Matt swinging his bat for another woman? Rihanna likely won’t be feeling like “The Only Girl in the World” once she gets wind of this newly-linked video footage of her beau — Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp — snuggling up with an anonymous babe on the streets of Los Angeles.

While his crimson-haired galpal is currently on the promo track hawking her current disc, Loud, the MLB player, 26, appears to be hitting the Hollywood Blvd. scene in the company of a fetching young lady — that is until paps arrived with their all-incriminating cameras!

Watch as Matt realizes with horror that the snappers are onto him, then cringe at the super-awkward moment when a woman in a striped top approaches, attempts to reach for his hand, and is given the cold shoulder by a red-faced Matt!

Looks like someone’s been a naughty boy!

Just last month, Rihanna, 22, gushed about Matt in a chat with Marie Claire UK. The Barbadian star credits Kemp with helping her believe in love again after she was violently attacked by R&B douchebag Chris Brown nearly two years ago:

“I feel like I smile for real this time. The smiles come from inside, and it exudes in everything I do. People feel my energy is different. When I smile they can tell that it’s pure bliss and not just a cover up.”

The girl in the video clearly isn’t a stranger to Matt, but if they’re just friends, why won’t he acknowledge her when she calls his name? Why, without saying a word or responding to her question, does he bolt in the other direction when she comes near him?

Do you think Matt was up to something?

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