Rob Lowe has undergone a makeover. He has now appeared before the cameras sporting a new beard which is much similar to that of Brad Pitt. Lowe might be first mistaken for Pitt as he looks exactly alike due to his beard style. The actor did undergo such a change for his role in Showtime’s Californication. It may be hard to say whether Lowe is paying homage to Pitt. The actor who is now appearing on NBC’s show Parks and Recreation would be soon playing a role of an insane Oscar award winner in a movie. It is not a secret that Brad Pitt was twice nominated for the Oscars and he has never won it till now.
In the movie, Lowe would be portraying the role of movie star “Eddie Nero” .Lowe tweeted that it was a very good experience to work with David Duchovny and he had so much of fun associating with him.
In an interview to the British newspaper. the Sun, Actor Brad Pitt has commented that he is not growing his beard for any role and he knows very well that it was looking very boring and not suiting to his face.

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