Jack Reacher

The Usual Suspects’ Christopher McQuarrie brings Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character to the big screen with this Paramount Pic… Read More


Considering the negative press Tom Cruise has faced this past year, the movie star probably wants nothing more than to just disappear. Unfortunately, he has to settle for the next best thing: playing a character that can do so.

In the first trailer for “Jack Reacher,” moviegoers get an in-depth look at Cruise’s upcoming take-no-prisoners role. Here, he plays the titular character, a former Army cop turned drifter who follows no laws except his own. Now, Reacher has returned to the fray in order to help out an ex-military sniper who’s been accused of murdering five people. Along the way, Reacher clashes with a Russian gang leader known as The Zec (Werner Herzog).

You can watch the first full trailer above. The film, written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, is based on the novel “One Shot” by Lee Child and is set to hit theaters December 21.

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