Super-hot couple alert. Taylor Swift has a new muse: Alleged down-low brother Jake Gyllenhaal!

The squinty-eyed singer/songwriter has turned her role as The Queen of Kiss & Tell into four Grammys, we now hear that the “Speak Now” songstress and the Oscar-nominated actor were spied leaving a restaurant in Brooklyn’s posh Park Slope neighborhood looking very much like “a couple.” The two stars were also spotted together backstage at Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Gyllenhaal, 29, was previously romantically-linked to actresses Kirsten Dunst and Resse Witherspoon, while Taylor, who turns 21 in December, is famous for writing songs about her conquests with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and allegedly John Mayer.

“It was more than just friends,” one motor-mouthed snitch squeals to, adding that Taylor seemed “beyond delirious” (understandably!) and the pair left together.

The best bit is that Taylor’s former flame Mayer is also in New York at the moment. And just days after Taylor released a song that totally slams him for being a douchebag, now she’s rubbing his nose in it even more with a new boyfriend who’s infinitely more awesome.


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