Say it ain’t so, Steve!

Former child star Jaleel White, best remembered for donning a daily uniform of glasses, highwaters, and suspenders as lovable TV nerd Steve Urkel, has been largely absent from the Hollywood scene since Family Matters left the air after nine seasons in 1997. However, the soft-spoken actor found himself staring into the glare of the public eye this week amid allegations that he attacked his estranged girlfriend, Bridget Hardy — who is also the mother of his infant daughter.

What would Laura say?

TMZ snoops have the scoop: “Sources familiar with the police report tell us … the alleged victim claims White allegedly punched her in one of her breast implants while they were driving on Pacific Coast Highway two weeks ago, with an infant in the car. We’re told, she claims when they got home White allegedly slapped her, and pushed her into a toilet so hard it broke the tank.”

Now Jaleel, there’s no reason to drag the woman’s breast implants into this!

Los Angeles Police officials are investigating the alleged incident, but Jaleel’s rep insists Bridget’s claims are part of the woman’s elaborate plan to obtain legal custody of her child with the actor.

“There was absolutely no battery … no abuse … and the incident never happened. This is just a ploy in an ongoing custody battle over their young daughter to tarnish his name.”

In the meantime, Urkel Jaleel is writing, producing, and starring in a new web series, titled Fake It Til You Make It. The show follows the actor as he plays a former child star who becomes a celebrity image consultant. Jaleel calls the podcast “the other side of Entourage” with similarities to “low-budget” Hollywood shows, like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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