Jane Lynch is sloping over her new bride in the New York Times.

The star of “Party Down” and “Glee,” Jane Lynch married Dr. Lara Embry on Monday in Massachusetts. She was profiled together with her wife in the wedding section of paper.

According to the comedienne, the couple has a picture when they first met. Embry thought that Jane was cute. She asked Lynch to take her photo with her. It turned out that a clinic psychologist called herself basically ignorant.

As the couple married, now Embry has become a parent of Jane’s daughter whose name is Haden. She is 8 years old.

During the wedding Jane joked saying that she will do her best in order she could get her ‘iCarly’ tickets.
In fact, one should admit that the acting career of Jane has its own benefits for the family. A mark was made on Haden in the “Vogue” remake of the star for “Glee’s” Madonna episode.

According to Embry, Haden was shown it by Jane and as a result, together they practiced it, sang and laughed. They started to sing as well as dance spontaneously.

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