Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux? Not happening. Who says so? The mother of Justin’s gorgeous long-time girlfriend, stylist Heidi Bivens!

Speaking exclusively to our friends at Star, Marilyn Bivens said Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, are just FRIENDS.

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“It’s not true at all,” Bivens said.

“That’s from Justin’s own mouth. He said he was with her at a dinner party with a lot of other people. It’s been just a big, big misunderstanding — and you can take that as the truth.”

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Aniston and Theroux’s supposed relationship was said to be getting serious after the pair spent the entire weekend together.

According to shutterbugs, Theroux visited the single Aniston at her home last Friday, before having lunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday.

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Jennifer then threw a small party at her house on Sunday with the actor and a few other close friends in attendance.

But as for her daughter’s lasting relationship with Theroux, all Biven would say was: “As her mother, I don’t feel comfortable commenting on my daughter’s personal life. That’s her business.”


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