Are there any relation between Jennifer Hudson and Weight Watchers? Actually, she has become a new spokesperson for the company. According to Jennifer, she enjoys the weight loss as she follows the instructions.

The star shared that she feels empowered with what she has learned, beginning from portion control to what foods it is better to eat in order to feel satisfied. It is not considered to be a diet, instead this is your lifestyle.

The Oscar winner actress as well as singer has a son who is just 7 months, David Daniel Otunga Jr. She really enjoys the diet as it fits her. Jennifer said that she is able to follow the diet no matter where she is, she also can enjoy her favorite foods. Hudson has never discussed ha her weight in public.

But after she was called “the big girl” the singer made a decision to change herself and transform her body for her Oscar-winning turn as Effie in Dreamgirls. Later she managed to lose her weight for the premiere of the film.

In past Weight Watchers were represent by such celebrities as Jenny McCarthy, as well ad Sarah Ferguson.

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