During “Behind the Music” episode which was aired on Monday, the audience for the first time heard from Jennifer Hudson about the tragic evens of 2008 which happened with her family. The star decided to make that discussion open in order to let everybody know about her feelings concerning her mother’s, brother’s and nephew’s murder. It sounds interesting that the star perceives that time to be “surreal.”
Jennifer Hudson said that everything was a blur, all that happened was surreal and she felt like she was outside of herself for practically two weeks. She added that at that time she was praying all the time: early in the morning when she got up and late at night before going to sleep.
It is necessary to remind that after happy news connected with Hudson’s engagement to David Tonga and her debut album release the bodies of the star’s mother, elder brother and nephew were found. They were shot to death. The police charged William Balfour who was the husband of Julia, Hudson’s sister, with all those murders.
Jennifer Hudson didn’t give any comments concerning that awful tragedy till 2009 when she participated at the Grammies and performed “You Pulled Me Through” dedicated to her killed family.

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