jenny-slate-brooklyn-nine-nine.jpgNot content to be on just some of your favorite comedies, Jenny Slate is slowly making her rounds on every single one of them. The star of FX’s new comedy “Married,” who also spends time on “Parks and Recreation” and “House of Lies,” is hitting up
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in the FOX sitcom’s Season 2 premiere.

According to
Entertainment Weekly, Slate will play a “tough, street-smart mob mistress named Bianca” who meets Andy Samberg’s Jake while he’s working undercover for the FBI. Could Bianca be the one to help her former “Saturday Night Live” costar’s character close his case once and for all?

Now all we need is for Slate to hit up some of FOX’s other quirky comedies, like “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project.” “Parks” and “Brooklyn” were both co-created by Michael Schur, who worked with Mindy Kaling on “The Office,” so it could totally happen.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is getting another familiar face in its second episode of the season: Kyra Sedgwick, who will debut in her two-episode arc as Captain Holt’s nemesis.

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