The family of Jeremy London is not going to keep silence any more. We have all heard the story that the star, famous for his role in Party of Five, was kidnapped by two criminals and was made to take drugs.
Jeremy’s family has a different version of what has happened to the actor.
London’s 37-year-old twin brother Jason London reveals shocking details to PEOPLE. He says that right at the moment the whole family is acting in Jeremy’s best interests. They are sure that he is seriously ill and needs urgent psychological and drug treatment.
A lot of troubles have happened to Jeremy London recently which for sure have affected him so much. Among them we find: alcohol addiction, court battle over his 3-year-old son Lyric with his ex-spouse Melissa and serious financial difficulties.
And now his relatives suspect him to become a drug addict again.
After learning what his family speak about him to the press Jeremy London got really furious and threatened all of them not to say anything to reporters. He is continuing to insist on his own version of those events when he was allegedly kidnapped. So, the police still believe his words.

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