Police in Los Angeles say they are investigating the reported theft of $192,000 in jewelry and luggage from former Jackson 5 boy bander Jermaine Jackson. This news comes as Jackson facing eviction from his rented estate.

After years of screaming that he’s too broke to fork over spousal or child support, Jackson filed a police report, claiming someone stole nearly $200,000 worth of his possessions, which includes jewelry, furs, and clothes from his Southern California home after returning from a vacation in mid-September.

Jackson and his wife noticed the items were missing on Sept. 18 and realized that one of the doors of their Calabasas home had been left unlocked. The police report says this mysterious home invader took a valuable Louis Vuitton bag containing some ridiculously expensive watches. But get this: Jermaine made the theft claim just one week after he said he couldn’t afford to pay child support. Jackson told the court that he can’t afford to pay ex-wife Alejandra $3,000 a month payment for support of their children Jaafar and Jermajesty. He’d like the payment reduced to $215 a month.

In spite of his supposed poverty, Jermaine and his wife Halina Rashid happen to live in a gated community, the same one his mother Katherine Jackson is temporarily located to due to renovations at The Jackson Family Compound in Encino. Jermaine and Halina won’t be shacking there for long though; the five-bedroom mansion Jermaine has been renting has been placed in foreclosure after the property owner fell into financial difficulty on the mortgage. The property will be sold off at auction next month, according to TMZ.com. The “Castles of Sand” singer, who has lived in the house for approximately 18 months, has 60 days to vacate the property after notice of foreclosure has been given.

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