Last night Lady Gaga was a commentator for the Mets when Jerry Seinfeld in his debut performance slipped in a shot at her.

It is known that Jerry Seinfeld, a well-known TV comic, is a real fan of Met. The previous night he met Keith Hernandez who was invited to play a role in a popular episode in “Seinfeld”.

According to the words of Jessica, the comedian’s wife, her husband has always wanted to try to be a baseball announcer. That’s why she prepared a special present for him on a Father’s Day – she organized their meeting with Lady Gaga as a commentator.

It is obvious, that the night happened to be unforgettable.
Seinfeld was sarcastic about him and his wife saying that despite their age – their mid-50s – in comparison with the star-diva’s – he and his wife are incredibly big fans of this singer.

However, the comic commented Gaga’s behaviour two weeks ago when she showed two fingers to his fans standing in Seinfeld’s luxury box. Jerry confesses that he has always been protective of his Met fans. That’s why, in his view, Gaga’s behaviour was disrespectful in relation to the fans and he didn’t like it.

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