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This could be a make-it or break-it season of Jersey Shore. The show is on location in Florence, Italy where their filming permits ban them from public drinking, among other things.

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So what did Snooki, Mike, Pauly D, Deena and the rest of the gang do for their first night out? They went on a carousel ride! Oh, and they went for a sightseeing walk too.

No bars, no clubs, no Snooki taking a face plant — as she famously did in Jersey last July before being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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The Snooks pleaded “no contest” in that case, and it’s not that we want any of the cast to see the inside of a polizia station in Florence.

But unless they can be just a little bit outrageous, Jersey Shore just won’t be Jersey Shore.

Stay tuned.

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