After the world knew about the illicit affair that Jesse James and Michelle McGee had, the former husband of Sandra Bullock is now dubbed as the Most Hated Man in America today. However, during his first interview since the issue exploded, Jesse James feels like he was at a point lower than that. The actor honestly expressed his emotions in front of Vicki Mabrey during the Nightline’s show.

Jesse James told the host that it is not just America that hates him right now but the whole world. Vicki Mabrey said that he cheated his wife, implying that it is a big deal. James agreed. He also added that he had a very amazing life and his marriage with Sandra was amazing as well. Then with just that, he threw everything away.

The full interview will be aired on Tuesday during the Nightline and Good Morning America on ABC.

During the same interview, people would get to see how Jesse James became emotional while talking about his relationship with Sandra Bullock. There were times that he has to ask for a break as he became teary eyed and walk away from his seat.

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock wed last 2005 until they had their divorce this year.

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