She’s well on her way to become fashion’s first billionaire, instead singer-turned-high-profile designer Jessica Simpson has sight her sights on landing an endorsement deal with a major weight loss company before she becomes Mrs. Eric Johnson.

Simpson has waged a public war against the bulge ever since unflattering snaps of her expanding waistline stretching out a pair of MOM Jeans surfaced on the Interwebs almost two years ago. Now sitting pretty at a healthy 140 pounds, loose-lipped Goss Watchers claim Jessica is eager to follow in the footsteps of celebs like Valerie Bertinelli and Jennifer Hudson — both of which transformed their frames while working as diet company pitchwomen.

Jessica, 30, will wed former NFL player Johnson this summer, and she’s hoping to take her body back to the days when her Daisy Dukes still made men swoon.

“Jessica’s convinced that becoming an endorser for a company like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or Slim Fast is her ticket to success,” a friend with knowledge of Simpson’s weight woes reveals in the Jan. 17 issue of The National Enquirer. “Jessica wants to look her best and slimmest in her wedding gown later this year….”

And of course, there’s the effect all of this could have on her floundering singing career. Jessica’s 2010 holiday album, Happy Christmas, was a commercial disaster, debuting at a disappointing No. 123 on the Billboard 200. Pals say Jess hopes a possible gig with a weight-loss system will help throw her back into the good graces of fans.

At least she’ll get the “Fat Vote.”

The source adds: “She loves inspiring women and thinks working for a weight-loss and diet company would help reconnect her with her core audience. “

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