Jimmy Kimmel has found his calling: Getting you to trim your Facebook friend fat.

The knee-slapping comic and host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live has appointed himself the unofficial Sheriff of Social Media as the host of National UnFriend Day. He suggested that people take that day to go through their list and unfriend any of their contacts who aren’t really friends. Jimmy even offers a few tips on differentiating between the “True Blues” in your life and the hangers-on who simply take up space on your page and spam your inbox with ads for diet supplements: Would you loan the person $50? How about invite them to a birthday party or cry if they got hit by a bus?

“It doesn’t have to be a hostile thing. They might not like you much either,” Kimmel says.

Kimmel isn’t the only one out to trim Facebook friend fat. In 2009, fast food Burger King offered a free burger to anyone who unfriended 10 people. The “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign reportedly claimed 234,000 friendships were ended before Facebook suspended the effort. Zuckerberg & Co., however, aren’t commenting on Jimmy’s campaign.

Mark your calendars, National UnFriend Day is Wednesday, Nov. 17.

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