Jodi Arias Prosecutor Hammers Home Premeditation Argument In Bid To Win Death

On the fourth day of the often combative cross examination between murder defendant Jodi Arias and Juan Martinez, the pit bull prosecutor seemed determined to prove premeditated murder in order to seal the 32-year-old’s fate with the death penalty.

In an on the stand grilling that went back and forth like a tennis match, Martinez meticulously laid out the evidence that Travis Alexander‘s violent killing was planned – and not as 32-year-old Jodi has claimed – a desperate attempt to escape an attack from him.

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Martinez argued that premeditation was proved by Arias’ forethought including specifically renting a car that wasn’t red, because they notoriously get pulled over by police more often and borrowing gas cans from a friend so she wouldn’t leave a paper trail when she made a detour to Mesa, Arizona while en route to Utah.

The most vital key to the puzzle however is literally the smoking gun, as Jodi originally told Detective Flores that Travis didn’t have a firearm but is now claiming that she found the gun while cleaning in 2007 and grabbed it after he allegedly chased her on the fateful day that she stabbed Alexander 29 times, slit his throat and shot him in the face.

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Adding to the twisted tale, Arias’ grandparents reported a .25 caliber handgun stolen from their Northern California house about a week before the killing – the same caliber used to shoot Alexander – but Arias says she knows nothing about the burglary and insists she brought no weapons to his home

The wily attorney went on to use Jodi’s own words against her in court, revealed KPNX Channel 12 News reporter Chris Williams, who describes Martinez as being “like a surgeon on a precision mission” cutting away the layers of Jodi’s story.

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Martinez noted that even her lies were changing as she spoke to various media organizations. “I couldn’t keep my stories straight,” Arias was forced to admit.

“As we know, people don’t like to do they?” he went on to ask Martinez rhetorically. “That’s not necessarily true,” said Jodi with a curt smile.

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“People have a tendency to embellish things sometimes, don’t they? Just like you in this case,” noted Martinez.

“Not on the stand, but in this case, yes,” she calmly admitted, but denied that she had lied from the beginning of the case until the time she got on the witness stand. “Some things were not true…most things,” she said, referring to her fantastical tale of armed intruders that she initially told Detective Flores.

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Jodi confessed that she lied to the lead investigator not once but twice in the aftermath of Travis’ gory death!

She then went on to admit to lying during her interview with 48 Hours, to her friends in Utah, and “everyone,” Arias said flippantly, while still claiming that she is now telling the truth in court.

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Martinez noted that even her lies were changing as she spoke to various media organizations.

“I couldn’t keep my stories straight,” Arias confessed. “It’s all the same thing, just different versions – I couldn’t keep my lies straight.”

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The bombshell trial continues on Thursday. Stay with radio detection and for regular updates and daily live-streaming.

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