A 2009 memoir from former Full House child star Jodie Sweetin has landed the blonde in hot water with her former husband.

Cody Herpin is the father of Jodie’s two-year-old daughter, Zoie, but the tattoo enthusiast says he’s livid that his methed-out ex slandered him as lazy video game addict in her autobiography, UnSweetined.

And he wants her to pay up.

Sweetin’s book chronicles a downward spiral into alcohol and drug addiction that began shortly Full House ended its seven season run on ABC in 1995. Herpin, Jodie’s second husband, is also suing the book’s publisher Simon & Schuster.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court this week, Herpin claims Sweetin depicted him in a “false light” in the book by describing him as a “lazy, unwilling to provide and support his family, uncaring, vindictive, unsupportive and disinterested” in her pregnancy. Cody also takes offense at the claim that he played video games during the day while she cared for their daughter was a lie.

To prove his case, Herpin included an excerpt from the book in question, wherein Sweetin talked about recovering from a C-section surgery, saying he “would try to make me laugh because he knew it hurt when I laughed. That and video games were his two forms of entertainment.”

Sweetin married Herpin in 2007. They separated a year later. After legal wrangling over who would care for baby Zoie, the warring exes were granted joint custody.Their divorce was finalized in April 2010.

Jodie welcomed a second daughter with fiance Morty Coyle in August.

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