Despite the fact that the first anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson is due to June 15, still the family of the singer is at enmity.

It turned out that Joe Jackson blames his wife for being inaction due to which their son died.

According to Joe Jackson he was trying to convince his wife to send their son into rehab for an alleged prescription pill addiction. He revealed that the final straw was when they saw Michael lying on a mortuary table.

Joe said that if his wife listened to him, their son would be alive. When he was proposing to help their son, Katherine did not say a word. He is sure if his wife did what he had asked, Michael would be with them. The situation could end differently.

Last June Jackson died at the age of 50 because of cardiac arrest.

The pop star left a will that was revealed in May. According to the document, Michael left $33 million to his children: Blanket, 8, Paris, 12, and Prince, 13. The mother of the singer who is considered to be the legal guardian to his children will get 40 percent of his estate, while 20 percent will go to charity.

As for Joe Jackson, he did not get anything.

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