Is the honeymoon over for Joel and Nicole?

Word on the Curb has it that a frustrated Nicole Richie has called off her wedding to longtime beau Joel Madden.

Nicole, 28, often chides Joel for not focusing enough time on the couple’s two young children: Harlow, 2, and 9-month-old Sparrow. The Good Charlotte rocker’s inability to “commit to family life” is the driving force behind the couple troubles, tattling spies close to the two squeal on the pages of the June 28 edition of The National Enquirer.

“Their wedding is off for now,” says an informant. “Nicole is disgusted that Joel’s thrown himself totally into his work, and she’s now questioning his commitment to family life. Nicole is disturbed that Joel seems more interested in being on the road with his buddies, boozing and hanging out in bars with groupies than he is in sharing family time in L.A.”

The tipster adds: “It’s become a joke among Nicole’s family and friends how many times she’s planned and postponed the ceremony. Nicole’s dad Lionel even started referring to her as the ‘Little Bride Who Cried Wolf.’”

In fact, the couple’s nuptials have been pushed back numerous times since they began dating seriously in 2006. With nearly four years and two years between them, friends fear Joel, 30, and Nicole have simply grown apart.

“The glue holding Joel and Nicole together is their commitment to their kids, but beyond that, the fire is dying.”

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