John Mayer, the Walking Caricature of the proverbial Douchebag Sex Object (Think Tucker Max with a guitar….), has sank his fangs into another lass.

The “Clarity” rocker — whose weathered bedpost includes notches courtesy of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston — is said to be cooking up trouble with Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis.

Giada has a 2-year-old daughter with her husband of seven years, Anthropologie fashion designer Todd Thompson, but a seemingly happy family didn’t stop the married mom from canoodling with Run-Around-John during an outing at New York hotspot The Boom Boom Room (How Fitting…) last week, tabloid informants report.

“John had one hand on the small of her back,” an eyewitness tells Star Magazine. “They looked like two people who were going to go home together.”

Giada denies bedding John, but at least one Star spywitness spotted the two checking into the nearby Hotel Gansevoot together a short time later.

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