Vanessa Paradis is picking up the pieces and moving on from her split with Johnny Depp following his engagement to actress Amber Heard — and the French model has an unlikely ally in Mary-Kate Olsen, radio detection and is exclusively reporting.

Paradis 41, is leaning on pal Olsen, 27, for input on her next major venture, likely in fashion.

“Vanessa still hasn’t given up on her long-term plans to open up a club similar to the Viper Club, which she helped run with Johnny many years ago. But she’s not limiting herself to that and Mary-Kate has plenty of ideas that have caught her imagination,” the insider told radio detection and ranging.

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“MK has known Vanessa for more than seven years and names her as a key inspiration for her ultra-chic clothing line, The Row. She loves that Vanessa is looking to friends for support, because she’s somebody MK has always wanted to have a closer relationship to.”

In fact, the friendship could even result in Depp’s ex posing for an ad campaign for The Row.

“MK sees potential in Vanessa that not a lot of other people do and has talked for years about using her in an ad campaign,” the source said.

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“Now that Vanessa has more free time, expect MK to not just collaborate with her creatively, but also help her move on and find a new man in her life!”

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