Despite a well-known fact that it is so difficult to carry a baby and that a lot of mothers-to-be even start to ask themselves who have made them take this serous decision to give birth to one more child – Jools, Jamie Oliver’s wife, is of a completely different opinion concerning this issue.

According to her, all she has ever wanted in life, is to have kids, that’s why she is expecting her forth child who will draw its first breath on September.

She is a real expert at handling a posse of girls – it is a really tough job.
Jools has been recently noticed when she was doing shopping with her toddlers. She was pushing Petal, their youngest 14-month-old daughter, on a bike for kids and carrying heavy shopping bags herself.

The 34-year-old mom was seen in Converse plimsolls, T-shirt dress which was stripy, aviator shades which were so yellow and so trendy.
The reporters made sure one more time that if a woman is naturally beautiful she will not be afraid to show that she is going to become a mother.

Last year in April when she was leaving hospital after giving birth to Petal, she didn’t have any makeup because she just wanted to look like a mother but not like a celebrity.

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