Jordin Sparks is nursing a bruised leg after a terrifying run-in with a pitbull over the weekend, when an unleashed dog hoofing around Manhattan locked its jaw around her gam, chomped down, and went to lunch. Jordin was taking her furry, four-legged friend to the park for a day of warm air and bright sunshine on Sunday when a vicious little pit ran up to Sparks and bit her.

Just last week an embarrassing stage fall sidelined the former American Idol winner from her run in Broadway’s In the Heights.

“You see this bruise right here? A New York experience. I took my dog to the dog park and I got bit by a pitbull. Yesterday!” a flustered Jordin explained showing off a mark on her left leg during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday.

Luckily, the canine’s bark packed a more potent punch than its bite: “He didn’t break the skin, thank goodness,” Jordin explained.

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