A judge based on Beverly Hills who let the Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan to go to the Cannes Film Festival will be taking a day off from her vacation. This is to accommodate the case of Lohan that will happen on Monday.

A warrant of arrest was issued to Lindsay Lohan by Judge Marsha B. Revel last Thursday since the star of Mean Girls failed to show in court for her status hearing. The DUI case against the actress still has not come to an end. However, the said arrest warrant was lifted after Lindsay’s lawyer posted the 10 percent of her bond worth $100,000.

According to the attorney of Lindsay Lohan, the actress misplaced or lost her passport when she was on the trip for the Cannes Film Festival. That is why her client was not able to personally appear at the court. French paparazzi didn’t miss a single action of Lindsay Lohan whether it is at the red-carpet premieres or other elite parties in France.

With this, Judge Revel remains skeptic about the alibi of Lindsay Lohan. She said that the actress’ actions speak louder than her words. The judge also brought up Lohan’s history of not showing at her appointments especially when it comes to such cases.

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