It won’t be a secret to anyone to say that 16-year-old Justin Bieber has become a teen idol to a great number of girls, however, according to the Canadian star’s mom, he is keeping his private life on the straight and narrow.

Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mom, said in “Justin Bieber: My World,” a clip from E!, that her son decided to be pure and treat and honour women with all possible respect. So, she is happy about this son’s decision.

In that clip, it was added by Justin that it was really hard for him to find a girl who would really like him for him. But at the moment, according to him, he is anyway busy, he just has fun and spends time with girls, but doesn’t take it seriously.

The teen star posted on Twitter that he hanged out with Kim Kardashian in May. After dinner with her at the White House Correspondents’ he Twittered that there was no need for threats and that he found Kin to be his very sexy friend.

Justin Bieber is not the first “pure” star. There were some others before him such as the Jonas Brothers, Jordin and Kevin Sparks.

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