Beliebers, Be Still: Lucky fans of pop ace Justin Bieber are getting a gift three hours ahead of time as Vevo has released Justin Bieber’s new video for “U Smile” a little early.

Now JB won’t be the only one smiling.

Early Thursday, Bieber sent out a flurry of Tweets explaining the concept for the video:

“So the U SMILE video is almost here…and here is the concept: Every interview every show I get asked would i date a fan….well as a SINGLE guy…yes single…the answer is…yes…i would date whoever i fell for. And that could be a fan. Ao the video is that story. The video is i meet as she is a fan…and i fall for her. i fall 4 her smile…it is the story of me and her..and she represents all of u. So when u watch tonight think that could be us 🙂 when u smile i smile. enjoy. hope u like it.”/em>

Bieber’s video release comes hot on the heels of the scoop that the singer has been immortalized in plastic with his own collection of toy dolls. The Justin Bieber Dolls will hit the shelves of major retailers across the Globe on Dec. 4.

Let us knowm what do you think of Justin’s latest video? Sound off in the Comments Section below!

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