Superstar teen pop sensation Justin Bieber (That’s Grammy-nominated teen pop sensation Justin Bieber to you. Please address him as such…) has joined forces with Beats by Dr Dre to launch his own line of high quality headphones. Justin Bieber Headphone Photos Justin Bieber Headphones Justin-Bieber-Dr.-Dre-Headphones

The singing star, who has already lent his famous name and face to a line of dolls and nail polish, has collaborated with hip-hop impressario Dr. Dre to create the ultimate listening experience for the devoted Belieber, in his signature color, purple. The headphones come in two varieties, Solo (Headsets) and iBeats (In-Ear).

Although the buds boast a pricetag between $99-$179 that may break the bank for the average Bieber fanatic, Beats by Dre boss say the price is well worth the experience: “For Justin Bieber, sound is everything. To truly bring music to life the way Justin can requires premium technology that is light years ahead of the pack,” says the company that also manufactures headphones designed by pop acts like Diddy and Lady Gaga.

Beats by Dre’s JustBeats are available at Best Buy locations and online at!

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