You are only 16 years old and you have already had a new car that you have received for your birthday. Moreover, you have fans who adore you across the world. This is the life of Justin Bieber.

In order to promote his new single Baby along with album My World 2.0, Justin was invited to GMTV, where the singer answered questions of his fans. He received questions concerning everything from the first song that he learned when he was little to his private life.

A lot of fans of the singer were waiting for him near the TV studio in order to have a chance to land a date with the young hunk. He was also asked if he goes out with one of his fans, the singer asked that it would depend on the situation. In fact, the singer is not going to limit himself.

No doubts his mom will not be as chauffeur on any of his dates as he got Range Rover for his birthday. It was decided to present the singer a big car because it would be much safer for his life.

Many fans of Bieber hope that they will be provided with a chance to get close to the singer, i.e. they will be able to find the golden tickets that are hidden in My World 2.0, which will appear in many shops on March 23. Among prizes there is a chance to appear in one of his upcoming videos and also a trip to his June 12 concert

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