Mother Biebs wants her money…

Break out the popcorn and pull up a chair, ‘Crunchers. We’re about to bare witness to the early stages of a mayjah scandal. There’s drama brewing in Camp Bieber — and this time the trouble has nothing to do with stampedes, fights over laser tag, or questionable photoshoots with Kim Kardashian.

The mother of the pop phenomenon is looking for an attorney to protect her interests after growing concerned that she is being cut out of her son’s burgeoning career, an insider-in-the-loop yapped to RadarOnline informants this week.

Pattie Mallette, who spearheaded Justin’s career by boasting videos of his performance on YouTube, fears she’s been shoved too far out of her son’s career since the “Baby” swooner inked a deal with mentor Usher two years ago. In fact, Pattie says she never got to read Bieber’s recently-released autobiography — 21 Steps to Forever — until it was published early this month and she had no idea that cuticle care brand O.P.I. had teamed up with the singer to release a line of Justin Bieber nail polish.

“No one in Justin’s camp told her or consulted her. She found out about it by reading it in the press. Pattie is so upset she’s looking for a lawyer to represent her interests,” the tipster reveals. “She’s in a tough position. She feels that she’s being cut out of her son’s business life by the people around him. She doesn’t know what to do. It was a big step for her to finally go out and look for a lawyer for herself. Now we’ll see if she follows through.”

Those close to Pattie say the single mother of two wants only what’s best for her son and insists that her complaints are not financially-motivated.

“She doesn’t want anyone to think she’s after her son’s money – and she’s not, but she hasn’t bought clothes for herself in two years!” Radar’s spy cautions, adding: “She flies coach. Her son writes an autobiography and no one even shows it to her. It’s ridiculous. And Pattie is really tormented over it.”

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