New details about Justin Bieber‘s DUI and drag racing arrest in Miami Beach surfaced in the official police report Wednesday, and we’ve got all the info for you, right here on radio detection and

The 19-year-old singer was “excited, talkative, profanity, cooperative, insulting, and cocky” at the time of his Jan. 23 arrest, according to Miami’s CBS4, the station that obtained the police report.

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Traces of Xanax and marijuana were detected in the singer’s system, sources told the station, citing the toxicology report. When an officer told the Canadian crooner that he “reeked of marijuana,” Bieber responded that he and his pals had been “smoking all night at the studio.”

Read the docs on radio detection and

Regarding the Xanax, Bieber was unable to list the medications he was taking to police, explaining that his mother “takes care of all that stuff for” him.

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The breath test was another long, drawn-out process, as Bieber could not breathe long enough into the device (called the Intoxilyzer 8000) to register a result in his first two tries. The “Confident” singer, police said, “initially let time lapse as he decided whether or not to take the breath test … then had extreme difficulty providing a continuous breath.”

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Bieber completed the task on his third and fourth attempts, registering BACs of .014 and .011, totals that both fall under Florida’s legal limit. When he took the physical tests, police said, Bieber (who had dilated pupils) was unable to follow an object with his eyes, stand with his eyes shut, or walk a narrow line.

The ace dancer, police said, lost “balance during instructions,” started “before told to do so,” didn’t “touch heel to toe,” stepped “off line one or two times,” raised “one or both arms six or more inches to maintain balance,” and didn’t “turn correctly or [lost his] balance during turn.”

Bieber’s lawyer Wednesday entered a not guilty plea in the case, in which the arraignment is slated for Feb. 14th.

The spiraling singer — who remains under investigation for a possible felony incident that took place Jan 14. in Southern California — also turned himself in on an assault charge in his native Canada Wednesday, as he’s accused of hitting a limousine driver in the head Dec. 30 while in Toronto. He’s due in court March 10 in that case.

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