Is Justin Timberlake stepping out on girlfriend Jessica Biel with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart reporter Olivia Munn?

The storied romance of Justin and Jessica — who have been going strong since 2007 — has been out of the press for the past few months, so it’s about time for a new round of rumors to crop up.

Justin has been cheating on the gorgeous Biel with Munn, if a scoop from Us Weekly is to be believed. (You know, the same Us Weekly that tried to convince us that Beyonce was pregnant just a week ago!) Tattles claim that the clandestine affair began after Olivia caught Justin’s eye when she interviewed during the promo tour for The Social Network, a film for which Timberlake has prompted early Oscar buzz.

Apparently Olivia tried her very best to resist Justin – even telling him that she wouldn’t date him while he was with Jessica – but Justin just wouldn’t let it drop. He even told Olivia that he’d dumped Jessica just for her. After an incessant pursuit, wouldn’t you know, Livey reportedly took the bait! Word on The Curb claims Olivia and Justin ended up hooking up for some “amazing sex” at the Gansevoot Park Avenue New York after a night out on the town Sept. 28.

“He been telling people it’s over with Jessica, even though the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.”

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